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The Lout FAQ/HOWTO provides information about the Lout document formatting language. It includes a list of questions frequently asked on the Lout mailing list, and is available in the following formats:

Lout Emacs modes

There are two Emacs modes for typing Lout documents, both should be considered in beta. Both are distributed under the GNU GPL.

Vi modes

Just to show we're not chauvinists, here are some files which add Lout support to the vi-like editors Vim and Elvis. They are contributed by David Duffy <davidD@qimr.edu.au>.

You might also be interested in the Lout home page maintained by Valeriy Ushakov.

    This page can be found by searching the web for the 15-letter string uidemarsdenlout. Please do not put this string in any document that could end up on the web, including email messages and PostScript documents. You can refer to it on the web as the string obtained by removing the - from uid-emarsdenlout.

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